Friday, November 17, 2017

Staying positive

Actually I'm bored when everytime I post something about negative things. IDK maybe my life is just not so beautiful as I always expected. Pathetic da! I hate hurting people who don't deserve to be hurtled by me and if I did, I'm sorry. I'm human, I did mistake and regret. I just can't control my hatred and I'm hurt a lot. Sometimes, I wish people could understand how it feels to be me and I know, there's none and never. But it's okay.

Maybe I live in the negative environment, meet negative people and thinking about something negative. Yeah, I know I should avoid that because I'm weak. But one day for sure, I will come out from that kind of "hell" when I'm physically and mentally ready. Right now, I need to collect money, work harder, and try to be happy.

Even sometimes when I open my Facebook, IG or Twitter. There's always negative issues will pop up in front of me. I guess its nature. Human are more interested with negative things, at least they have something to discuss about, like judging or whatever they want. Staying positive is struggle. Only certain people can do that or maybe their life almost perfect.