Sunday, April 15, 2018

No mercy for you

That day, someone has told me that someone I know long time ago just passed away because she was not feeling well. Amazingly, my reaction is just so-so and I told Carl about it at the same day as you can see above my conversation between him. Yes, I am a cruel person especially to people who ever did something bad to me.

I remember during my study before, I was desperate looking for an assignment group because I have lost contact with my previous group just because they didn't write well their phone number on my paper. I thought they will do the assignment last minute like typical student so I prepared my part first. Then I realize they don't even looking for me while I'm the one work hard to recognize them because I don't even know who they are especially to remember their face. One or two days before submit the assignment, I finally can contact them but they refuse to let me in. I already done a quite lot of our topic information and I was begging them with no "free ride" and I will do anything including edit or add anything inside the assignment. Unfortunately, they show no mercy to me.

I learnt a lot from how they behave to me. It was hurt but I survive. This is one of the other reasons of why I always look down at religious people. They begging for mercy from their god but they show none to people. They don't even want to understand how others' feelings.

So, what if I do the same thing like they did to me? Of course they will say "No wonder you are infidel, look at your attitude". Seems legit right? what a poor mindset.

Back again to the picture above, I was young that time around 12 years old, maybe? She told in front of my cousins that I lied to my dad just because I was misunderstood and I try to explain to her but she never listen. I hate her starting that day. I hate how she make me play as a bad person until today, she was gone.