Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The bitter of UNIMAS

A few years have passed since I finish my study at UNIMAS. There's so many incidents happen. Being an undergraduate student is not as beautiful as we thought it would be, like me here. It hurt me a lot than it cure me. Got one Biotechnology lecturer who always think that I'm a problematic student while he actually have no idea what its like to be alone and lost and he was the reason why I didn't attend my convocation. I didn't tell anyone about this because I know, no one can see me when I am nothing.

I'm so tired almost all the time, that time. I need to woke up around 3 a.m. went to UNIMAS three days before and back home around 1 a.m three days after, I knew Carlson was tired too, he work hard and he need to sent and take me from class to home just because I was not selected to stay at the hostel but that's okay.

I'm a quiet person, really quiet one. I prefer sit and see things happen. I prefer become a silent reader. I'm not a smart person also, I can't even afford to buy a branded bag like the other student, wear makeup or dressing pretty, cool t-shirt and jeans and nice shoes. But, trust me, university student most of them thinking like an uneducated people who like throwing the rubbish on the floor, gossiping, praise the lecturer like stupidos praise their politician, being snobbish, selfish like they know everything, act like they are rich people.

Right now, since I mix with ordinary people with lower education level, I found that most of them really friendly, humble and nice people. I always thought that education can make our life better also have opportunity to help poor people, but the reality is education only needed to seek more and more money to show off.