Monday, September 11, 2017

Story of blind heart woman

Here, I would like to tell you about someone's story. A story about a woman who age 3 years older than me. I don't know so much detail about her but I heard a lot from her family long time ago. When she was young and finish her form 6 study, she got a job at somewhere. She used to have a boyfriend who already met her family and suddenly their relationship gone just like that. She seems frustrated but she still continue with her life. After for a while, she left her home for no reason and her mother realize there's something happen to her. Well, actually she's pregnant with some guy she met during her MARA classes until she got a job and after that, that guy sent her own home because they know they both can't afford the baby and they have not yet getting married. Her family were so damn mad at her but they slowly accept her and her husband (just "cowboy sign" married at JPN) until she delivered her first baby.

Her mother feeling so blessed with the presence of her first grandson and she's already seems like forgetting her daughter's mistake. Then, the second baby come out even though they know the baby fund need to be paid by her father (the baby's grandfather). I used to read something from a small note book belong to that woman many years ago when I help they cleaning their messy house about how she disappointed with her husband treat her and their children like a rubbish, don't care and everything (FYI, her husband used to cheated on her with one Malay girl - One of trigger reason why their family hate Islam so much).

This is not a diary because they put it everywhere with other pages all blank

Pathetic life but she still do cruel thing to other people

How pathetic her life is, but not for a long time as much as she live with her family's wealthiness. She got everything she need and her husband seems like "okay" with her because you know.. money, food.

So, why I'm telling you this story?

Yes, I'm gossiping. Yes, I'm talking behind someone's back. Yes, I'm telling everyone about what she did like sex, child out of wedlock, taking for granted and...



We are all know how it feels to be embarrassed like that well, this is the way or even worse she's trying gossiping and make story about me with her families and friends (while her story above is definitely true with no additional because I hate lying). She judge me, and I judge her back at here so that everyone could see how bad gossiping is. I didn't know her well indeed but I keep sharing stories about her. Same goes like she did to me in front of the others like she knows everything about me and I think I don't need to remind her about her so nice and full of forgiveness religion and I don't want to talk about un-logical shit right now. This is also not about pre-marital sex, or pregnant before getting married, well to me it is clearly nothing to do with bad attitude toward other people.

But seems like she's been through a lot of hard moment, I guess nothing good appear inside her and still not enough to make she realize something that I think she could understand instead to pretending to behave good and act like she's better than people that she have gossiped. I feel so disgust and gross about that woman and I won't let myself to be like her never and forever. I rather be bad person than pretending to be someone nice.

People can see she's type of love homey family woman who stay together with her parent, who repent from her sin in their church but who knows nothing can stop their mouth from spreading the stories either it is wrong or right, you know they don't care as long as they satisfy with themselves.

So, keep spreading your version of my story, remember if I can't pay right now, there's always another day.