Sunday, December 17, 2017

Why people hate Atheist?

Nowadays, I have join so much groups and read a few blogs about debate between Atheist and Theist. It is quite disturbing actually because I found a lot of extremist with their opinions which most I couldn't accept. I call it as a provocation. I know, sometimes people can't help themselves being too emotional, and anything that came out from them is their feelings including hurt,mad and sad.

There is a lot of Atheist who won't stop mocking religions but there is also a lot of Theist still mocking other people religions and people who don't believe in God. So, what's make we're different?

I also know someone who always questioning "Why people who born religious/Muslim lost their faith and become Atheist??". She make me remember about myself a few years ago questioning the exactly same thing because I was thought that Islam is the perfect religion ever before I end up with Atheist thing. Some people say, "Atheist is only way to break all the taboos" or "they become Atheist because they were hurt and frustrated with their religion".

I never become an Atheist just to break the taboos. Well, it did make me live like I'm the most wanted criminal by some religious people if I didn't follow their religious rules. But that's not the best reason why I lost my faith to God. Frustrated? Maybe a little. But not because of 100% from Muslims, mostly from how most bad Christians treat me. Before anyone presume like they know me better, my frustrated actually is a personal and the religions is just an excuses.

I do admit some people hate me for the sake of their religion. One, because I'm not a religious muslim. Two, because I'm not Christian. I can't become religious muslim because I can't accept their way of life, their cultures and their God and I can't convert to Christian because there is no different from Islam. So I asking again, is this because of frustrated? Hmm, I mean no but it can be a trigger.

I always care about how other people think about me. I should care my myself. My life actually seems pretty normal even though I always grumbling about how suck my life is, sometimes I get trouble like other people, sometimes I feel happy. I have no idea how people could think about being an Atheist because their life is miserable or mentally illness like living with no purpose. Who they think they are judging without consideration.

I don't really remember when I completely become an Atheist, but I'm sure once I release the chains, I feel so peace and positive. I mean, it is slowly happen.

P/s You don't need to be holy religious to just keep yourself religious and you don't need to be less religious to lost your faith. Just saying.