Friday, April 30, 2010

Me myself

Hi, I am "Ryan". I've been borned on 21st of March 1989 and now, i know that I'm already old.. Huhu.. "Ryan" is not my real name and I like that name since I know one of Blue member name "Ryan". I make this blog because I'm so damn bored and now I have to go to Kuching because I need to take my L.I. (Industry Practical) result and I hope I'm getting all A's. Hee! But, also I'm planning to go to Saratok just to meet my Kak Mal (If I got extra money). I like to go travelling alone you know, but because we all know that I'm a girl who need someone to accompany me in a way to protect me. You know, guy also can be raped nay!

I am private College student who take Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (3 years) and i think that's not enough. I like studying you know, and also like playing like a child. After finish this study, I feel lonely, miss my friends, my College and my Sexiest Tutors. Surely they are all fashionable and cool while me, I'm just a simple girl, so much simple if compare with simple vegetable seller. Hm..

So that's why my friends always call me a weirdo (a bit). I don't even know to do makeup things on my face! I ever wore a mascara before but people surround me thought that I was cut my own eyelashes (WTF!!). I know, I will learn it someday..


danieLchA2 said...

wow... nice to know you... but setiap org punya penampilan masing2 kan...hehe ^^

Liana Ryan said...

yeah =D
i am who i am~~~