Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a dad's baby daughter

Last week was a Kaul Festival time at Mukah which celebrated by Melanau race. I heard that day became so lively because a lot of people went there but almost all of my secondary schoolmates cannot come that time because they're still studying. Well, me myself at Mukah but also didn't go because I hate hot weather and at night, I avoid myself to go out because I feel easily to get sick that time. Hehe, a lot of excuses huh?

Its already been 6 years since I move to Mukah and can you believe me, that I never go to Kaul Festival yet?? I just, I don't know.. I never feel like want to go for a walk here but, nevermind.. That's not important. The thing that I wanted to share is about my dad and he went to Kaul shop last week.

I just cannot believe that he willing to buy me a Kitty doll (cute and able to move). Well, I keep it in my bedroom and appreciate it so much. My dad knows that I'm so in love with kitty and I know my family won't allow us to pet the real kitty inside our house so maybe he think that by giving this kitty doll should be enough for me. I don't mind at all, I think its cute!

When I'm trying to analyse back, I think that my dad still treat me like his very little baby daughter and he still like to control me even though I'm already above 18. Maybe, maybe because I'm the only one of his daughter.

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