Friday, April 30, 2010

Permata Car Park Kuching

The only place to eat that I think a little bit expensive in Kuching is The Permata Car Park which the building right behind The Tun Jugah building, but because that place are so lively and the people there are so cheerful make me think it is worth to spend around RM200-RM300 for dinner that night. That place brings me a lot of joy memories between me and my bestfriends. You know, i think the point here is a friendship. We are all have friends that come and go at the certain time. Anywhere we go, we always meet any kind of person and that person, we called as friends and i feel so glad having a very nice friends that willing to accept me for who i am.

This is Nurmah. She owe me one bite!

This is Kak Mal, i love her so much! haha!!

This is Nisa, she's the complement of our craziness..

This is me, hehe.. who think that something cool!

This is one of my goddamn good memories when i relax and flash back how we get together. Now, we all have our own life and pursue our own dream at different places and levels and i think this story never be repeated again like ever. =)

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