Friday, May 28, 2010

I am a brutal girl

You know why?

Sometimes, I don't feel like I'm suitable being a girlies or ladies. Surely my friends will shock like hell if they see me wearing dress. LOL.

But, I also depend with situation. If I go hang out with ladies friends, surely I will dress myself like a ladies even though not 100% ladies because I cannot change my personality just like that.

But I'm so glad that all my friends willing to accept me for who I am.



Anonymous said...

i try to be ladies gak dulu.
nyate hipokrit.
i just being myself..
u should do that too.. ;)

Ryan Valentine said...

u rite..
kadang2 susah kite nak ubah sikap kte sendiri..
tu la, nasib la member i sporting jek..


Anonymous said...

be urself huhu

Ryan Valentine said...

yea yea^^