Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When I'm bored

You know when I stay with my family, I never feel like going out from this house. The main reason is I don't really like sunny day. I ever joined Sungai Rait Miri PLKN camp and the worse part about that is I got my skin sunburn so bad.

How about going out at night? Nope! Like Iban said "Jerak apai, jerak indai" [something that we learn from the past (bad situation) and wish that we never do that again] because before I went out with friends and get sick immediately.

So, I just sit at home (Mukah) and relax myself. I also have no friend here. If I want to hang out again, I need to go to Sibu or Kuching because all of my friends stay there. Now, what I can do here is just online and streaming something, or play some game, Astro TV, editting and chamwhore and sleeping just like the other teenagers.


Anonymous said...

Oo..^O^ besai mata huhu cantik2

Ryan Valentine said...

heee.. thanks..

sara said...

cute :))

EDDY DY said...

thanks sbb jadi follower aku yg ke 100..Iban pia? Indai ku Iban ari Selangau Sibu, Lubuk Numpu...nemu la mimit jako Iban...

Ryan Valentine said...

Sara: u cute too..

Ryan Valentine said...

Eddy: Yup... hehe.. welcome
ku mix jak..
mak ku iban balingian..
ku pun nemu mimit2 jak jaku iban wai..

coki - coki said...

blog walking.
follow u.
hit me back(: