Sunday, May 23, 2010

Short story about a woman

*A beautiful woman finally get her annual leaves. She's plan to sailing into the sea by luxury cruise ship alone. She feel so excited until she thisk she should write a diary about her short journey.

Today, my annual leaves approved and I plan to go sailing into the sea alone. I feel so impressed with this luxury cruise ship and you know what? The captain is so handsome and hot!

Today, the captain asking my name and talk to me a lot of things. I don't know why I adore him so much. You know, the captain also a bit naughty, he try to invite me to go to his room. I think he want to sleep with me, but I didn't give any respone to him.

I met the captain again. He try to ask me over and over again about his question yesterday. With confident, I try to refuse because I'm not ready "to be" with him. But suddenly he threatened me, if I don't go sleep with him tonight, he will sank the ship with 2400 passengers aboard.

FRIDAYThis morning was so shiny and joyful..... I finally managed to save the ship with 2400 passengers aboard.

*Copied and modified.

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