Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kuching KFC

There's a lot of KFC restaurant at Kuching here. The one most of my favourite is in the middle of Kuching town. Try to guess where?? Hehe

Picture of me and my friend so full after we have lunch at KFC restaurant

If you want to know, The most special KFC restaurant in this town is located in front of BSN Bank or not far enough from Old Kuching Police Station. What do I mean by special?? Because all the KFC's employees not including the Supervisors and Manager are people with disabilities (Having hearing problem and can't talk).

The taste of the KFC chicken actually just same like the other KFC restaurant and I still prefer to eat at that place. There's no pretty girls or handsome boys here, I just like the environment here. So peacefully.

Haha, I'm not choosy actually. I can eat at any restaurant as long as the food is yummy and not so expensive. If i have chance to go there next time, I will bring my Kak Mal. Wooooo, I miss the moment so much!

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