Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matang Family Park

This is my old story but i would like to share with u all.. When i was at my third Semester, my friends and i went to the Matang Famili Park. 4 of us have a short journey about 1 hour from BDC (Borneo Development Corporation). Do u want to know what is very special about Matang Famili Park.. I will show u...

Glad we are not went there on weekend.. Less people you can see..

You also can get rest or have a lunch at this place

Haha, i saw you my paradise!! Muah!

The weather on that day was kinda hot.. Poor me not bring extra clothes.. =(

Guess i'm just going to shoot for pictures..

Haha, that's my hand dude!

You all also can see many types of tree species.. All big and high..

I felt jealous watching both of my friends there.. huhu

Nisa can be a Belly Dancer just by standing there all the time.. huhahuha..

Walao!! My eyes turn green!!

Almost dark here.. So maybe it's time to go home.. Tata!!

Thanks to my friends because you guys bring me here.. So nice and very quiet place.. I hope i can go there with you all again. I remembered when 4 of us laugh together.. Thats are very sweet memory..

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