Thursday, May 13, 2010

My own manga characters

The picture above is one of my art when I still form 4 at secondary school.

Its been a long time I didn't draw a manga. I remember that I put so much interest on an anime since I was a little kid. I ever draw my own comic you know, but that comic just simple and look stupid sometimes, i don't know. Even my schoolmates always ask me to draw a manga character for them and I don't mind because I like it so much!

Other than manga characters, I also like to draw natures or landscapes and always combine it with my manga characters inside my own comic. The first anime that drive me so crazy about Japanese anime is the Sailor Moon. Yeah, I know, I feel so shy now! But I feel glad also because my study performance still look very well.

Now, years by years. I'm old and only interest in editing my own pictures. Drawing? Nay.. I think need to practise again maybe.

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