Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mukah Beach

Mukah is another one of my hometown. The place that Melanau community still can practice their old traditional culture especially when it comes to traditional foods. But i don't want to talk about food right now because i'm afraid if i might get hungry later. So today i want to share to you about Mukah beach (excuse me, not Mukah bitch ok..) MUKAH BEACH. I remembered when my family and I together hanging out to the beach in the late of evening..

I love to look at the blue sky

Poor and thanks to dead wood, you make my landscape picture look so nice^^

Those are my brothers

Three of them looking at the grey shirt brother walking like a robot.. haha!!

Lastly, sunset and stars will say "hi" to you

That's one of our way my family and i wasting our time together playing at the beach..

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