Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My lovely rent house

791, A1A road. The only place that bring so much memories to me when I'm still young that time. First time I went to Kuching, its already 3 times since I moved to different rent houses.. The 1st house is at 5B road. Those people in that house always making noise especially at midnight, sometimes i feel so distracted so I decided to move to the shophouse and follow my secondary schoolmates which also continue study that time same like me, same college. But unluckily, the problem still occur between me and my schoolmates and then I finally move to 791.

I cannot believe that I was able to stay at 791 until I finish my study! If before, I always follow my new friends to go anywhere they want but now, I decided to make my own way, to find my own happiness and find someone who willing to accept me for who I am. You know, most people stay at 791 house that time are my seniors while some of them just same batch with me but different classes and groups.

Then, at the same time, people that I used to called a strangers amazingly are my bestfriends ever and forever especially my seniors which now they already have their own job and life. They only my friends that time that willing to accept me while i'm so damn down besides, I also have the other friends (A group of Chinese) that also always be there for me, just they stay at different places. But, poorly, that 791 house now suddenly becoming "hell" just in second because of my juniors. You know what, they bring their own boyfriends inside this house which is clearly the rule (Only rent house under College) is "NO MAN ALLOWED" in girl's house!

The saddest part is, that person that I'm talking about is my own bestfriend but this time no more! I know that I'm bad person which always wear sexy and like being sexy so much but until this time, there's no man come and touch me as much as they like and I never bring any man come inside my house! Because of what? Because I respect my housemates in this house. I wonder what will happen to this house after I finish my study after practical. Hm~

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