Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sibu Sarawak

Its been a long time I didn't go out from home and now I have a chance to go to Sibu again for... shopping!

But today, I feel like I'm not in mood. I feel something is wrong but I don't know what,

I just shop a few things today like Vitamin C sustain release and also Nivea mask, something like that.. Bla bla

I knew that I'm already old but my mind still fresh like a child, I mean I have buy another Cartoon water bottle for myself, PINK!


EDDY DY said...

wow..ingat masa kau kecik2 dolok...botol logo Milo la kegemaran aku...

Ryan Valentine said...

Semestinye! Kahkah..
mok jd kanak2 riang tp dah terlebih dah..
terlebih kromosom^^