Thursday, May 13, 2010

Respect your housemate

Did you ever meet someone who did a mistake and their mistake suddenly involving you and you 100% don't know what happen. When you try to talk to them about this, they won't admit it even try to find your mistake which the mistake is nothing to do with them?? What do you think? I don't know if I'm talking to the alien or what but seriously, this make me mad so much!

I think that kind of person is doesn't like being reprimanded by anyone. If someone come and talk to them about their mistake, they start questioning and giving a lot of excuses about why they shouldn't be blamed. You know, all the things that I see toward them is only an excuses, mistake is still a mistake. I really wish their parent come and see they behave like this, so that they can open their mind instead of trying to cover their children's mistakes.

Yes, I know I also made a mistake just like another human beings. But I admit, I say sorry and I never bring someone into my problems. But, please respect me!

This picture is nothing to do with this entry. LOL.

I don't want to be rough actually, and I guess I'm too much kind until they thought well "I'm ok with that" (NOPE!). I mean, is that the real Malay?? I know that I'm not 100% Malay but mostly my non-Malay friends know how to respect and be kind with the other person. I totally feel so frustrated met my own kind like this, I ever wonder is any other good Malay outside there?? I just don't know what to do anymore?

p/s This is about some girl bring her guy inside our house, never respect the other girl especially me since my room at ground floor and sometimes I didn't wear bra in that house.

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