Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow, got tagged!

1)Do you think you're hot?
-Nope, I'm cool! >.<

2)Can you upload your latest wallpaper?

3) Tell us about your wallpaper
-I have no other wallpaper actually, I like this because it's make me remember about my long hair.

4) Last time you ate pizza?
-When I'm still at Kuching and i don't know when.

5) Song do you like?
-I like you, i love you (japanese song).. Not the latest one~

6) What are you doing right now other than answer all of these tag's questions?
-Text with my BFF, they asking me why I changed my status to single on Facebook

7) Your nickname?

8) Can you please tag 8 other bloggers?
-I don't want =P


helena's said...

comel budak nih! =)

Lola said...

ni la blog paling bodo dalam dunia. english ko teruklah sial. mcm nak sepak je burit ko aku bace. gmbr pun tahap pelacur 50 sen je. murah ah ko ni.

Ryan Valentine said...

helena: tq^^

Ryan Valentine said...
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danieLchA2 said...

ur english no too's a good blog for me liana...:) SO DO THE BEST FOR BE WRITER IN THIS BLOG K :) ^^

Liana Ryan said...

daniel: thanks daniel.. i'll do my best n improve all thing lack about me.. ^^

danieLchA2 said...

dun wory apa yg org cakap kan...janji kita jadi diri kita english pun sma jugak teruk..hehe but from that we learn how to improve our languages...btul x LIANA...^^

Liana Ryan said...

daniel: u rite ^^