Sunday, June 27, 2010

Award from Cik Niesh

Thanks to Cik Niesh because willing to give me an beautiful award.

1 . You must give a compliment to the award giver.

Cik Niesh is a cute girl. I like all the Korean songs inside her blogs.

2 . Please give this award to the 10 other bloggers.
Who want to take this, just take it.

3 . You must tell the blogger about this award

If not?

4 . How you can be cited as the best blogger and,great.

Really? I didn't know that.


Izzlin said...

klik sony utk awak..
sy tggu shoutmix awak.. da byk kali loading pun tak kua2...

syahira ariff said...

semoga lebih bersemangat berblogging~!

Ryan Valentine said...

izzlin: ye ke?? susah jugak gitu.. hurmm

Ryan Valentine said...

syahira: awak juga.. ^^

engineer cabuk said...

congrats2!!! you should got the Cuttest blogger award as well..;p

Ryan Valentine said...