Saturday, June 19, 2010

My award

1. What is your blog's name and why you like that name?
  - I Am Not Complete (Because I'm not perfect)

2. What is your URL blog and from where you got that idea?
  - (I just don't know why)

3. What is your writing's method?
  - Just normal, I don't know also

4. Did you ever think that you want to delete this blog? Why?
  - Never

5. Is your family members ever read your blog?
  - Dad and brothers

6. How do you feel when someone said that your blog is suck while the others said so cool?
  - Sad maybe but different people give different views

7. When is your blog's birthday?
  - I don't remember

8. Who the first person knows about your blog?
  - Me myself

9. How do you feel when someone talk about your blog?
  - Hurm, Just act normal like nothing happen

10. Choose 10 persons you wanted to tag.
  - I have no idea..

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