Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is is true that we cannot follow blog more that 300 blogs?

Hi. why can't we follow more than 300 blogs? This is typical questions from all the bloggers.

Why we must follow the bloggers?

Blogger is the free website that any people can share all the things that they wanted to share and at the same time, we are able be friends with the other bloggers.

hehe.. Let me show you how to follow more than 300 blogs. Before that, we use cik rara blog as an example..


Many of bloggers like to add blog using this steps. You can see the red circle and click it to zoom.

Oppps, why this thing happen? Why we can't follow her?


In this step, we need to go to blog blogger the people we want to follow. Then, click on the navbar at the ugly red circle.

See, we finally have followed her, but when we try to check at "Gadget Followers", there's no out icon over there? Why?


This step a bit hard because this only can be done by bloggers who put the "Follower Gadget" on their blog.

Just click 'follow this blog'..

yeahhh!!! You guys see??

This is one of my simple way to follow the blogs. If you guys still having a trouble, perhaps you might contact the only professional one (not me). I'm still a learner.

The more we follow, the more we know.. adios


Anonymous said...


Ryan Valentine said...


eykameow :) said...

cmne plak kalau org yg follow kita tu..tak dpat update2 dari kita? dia tulis sbb masalah RSS FEED. so mcm mana nak settle kan? sila bantu :)

Ryan Valentine said...

hurmm.. sy agak tidak pakar dlm masalah RSS FEED.. tp biasanye bila org tu tak dpt update dr kte adalah disbbkan perubahan pada URL kite.. so, kene la verify melalui Google Webmaster Tools dulu then tggu dlm masa 3 hari utk verify. tak pun, swuh org yg follow kte tu unfollow kte then follow kte balik..

hehe, sowie klu terkeluar tajuk sket~

Anonymous said...

i pon penah jadi cmtu
keluar kotak merah tu kata max 300 blogger
gila ahh
tp kalo follow biasa boleh pulak
hehehe =p

Ryan Valentine said...

yup yup..
i pernah dgr, klu tak suke follow manual kene tggu semggu atau due mggu dulu then baru follow cara biasa, diowg kata dapt. tak tau la.. tak pernah cuba..

syAzAnA said...

ryan dear. tengsss. dapat pon follow. love youuu!

Ryan Valentine said...


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