Monday, June 7, 2010

My-100 followers

Being childish for a while.. kihkih!!

Thanks to Daniel because you've became my 100 followers.. ^^

This is his blog, you guys are welcome to visit there..

Make sure you guys stop here just a few minutes at my blog and leave your comment, thanks

Actually I also still a newbie in this blogger world but it's ok. I will learn day by day but surely cannot resist to put my photo inside here. LOL.

by the way, be a good blogger ok..


teyhah said...

dh 100?

Ryan Valentine said...


Anonymous said...

yang ke 100 jer ke?yang lama2 ni oun nak gak haha

Ryan Valentine said...

nak ape?

naz said...

fuyoo 100 sudah, mari kasi 200

Ryan Valentine said...

mari mari