Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Journey to Saratok

I miss to go to Saratok. I want to go there and see my friend, Kak mal.

When we hang out together, we share our stories like crazy. You know, I have been surrounding by many friends and I feel so happy but I feel more comfortable when Kak Mal be with me. I mean, she so open minded person.

She type of person which can accept openly all my stories. She give her excellent advices to me, especially when I become a troublemaker. I just hope she don't get drunk in this Gawai celebration. LOL.

This picture I was take when We both just arrived at Saratok (This place is behind the bakery shoplot opposite with Saratok goverment hospital). Poor Kak Mal look so tired and sleep on the Sarawak map paper. We also feel hungry and we're not having our lunch yet.

First time I went there with Kak Mal, I felt so crazy and we buy map just want to go there without getting lost but at the end, we're just use Google Map.

So, this is my Kak Mal's rent house.

Just coincidence, Kak Mal's rent house is actually opposite with playground, ouh how cute!

This is my picture, after took my nap.

I actually don't know what is so special about Saratok but people the are so friendly as long as we don't do any problem here.

I heard that Kak Mal's practical at that hospital going so smoothly and she's so happy.

I like this picture of Kak Mal.. All is green!

There's no KFC restaurant at Saratok but we are glad because we still have Sugarbun restaurant over here, as long as we have food here.

This is night picture of Kak Mal done her groceries because she will officially start her practical at Saratok Goverment Hospital tomorrow.

Good night, playing with candle even though we have an electricity here.

After 1 or couple days, I will go back to Kuching. At the same time, I feel sad because have to leave Kak Mal alone here.


naz said...

haha pic last tu cun

Ryan Valentine said...

pix lilin tu ke??