Monday, June 14, 2010

Someone called me an outdated

What do you think, if got an anonymous suddenly sent something like this to you? Like curse words, I guess. It is just a few days after I've joined and what happen now is really make me shocked.

I have no idea who is that girl and I don't feel anything about it.

This Formspring is is just not like the other social webs because we can never block someone and I don't feel like I care anymore about it.

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You call me a outdated huh? Yes, if you think I am but at least I my mind not outdated, its better than up-to-date people who think outdated.

Just think about it


Noor Hamizah Mustafa Kamal said...

you just ignore that kind of people. diorang tak boleh tengok orang lain senang. sabar oke? :)

sara said...

org tu dgki u !
u comel,dia jelez kot..hehe

Ryan Valentine said...

Noor Hamizah: yup.. sabar jek.. kite bidas secara profesional

Ryan Valentine said...

ye ke??
i pun kurang pasti but tak perlu la ambik peduli sgt.. juz nak share2 ngan korang je.. Kita tahu membezakan yg mane baik n buruk^^ pa pe pun, thanks

shada wentz said...

perghh~ cian.
crazy sicko!

sbo je lah,k? (:

~kuyam~ said...

org tu dengki tu ryan
dun bother
u r cute,n i luv ur big eyes :)
be cool k dear :)

Ryan Valentine said...

sob sob~
hehehe.. emo lak~

Ryan Valentine said...

kuyam: hehe.. thanks 4 ur support^^
i tak ambik pusing sgt hal nie.. so k

farhan asyraf said...

ala.dia dengki la tu.
ryan kan comel :D

Ryan Valentine said...

farhan: thanks^^

lovelyiesya said...

ignore sahaje..
if ade lagi soklan2 mcm tuh..
u reply back dgn cre yg agk myakitkan ht..

nie adela org2 yg sakit ht ngn kte..

Ryan Valentine said...

yea.. org mcm tue berpura2 seolah2 die perfect.. but juz now sy mmg ignore jek.. makin dilayan nanti makin menjadi