Friday, June 4, 2010

What happen to my second Facebook?

When I login into my second Facebook, it is suddenly come out like this and I have no idea what is this about.

After I click continue, The Facebook system ask me to fill their captcha. I filled it and suddenly became blank and need to refresh back. The saddest part is the captcha part come out over and over again. I need to let them around 5 minutes just to go to the next step.

This step is really killing me. After I answered all the questions correctly, they still won't let me in.

I feel so stress by looking at it! Whenever I able to go to step 3, this thing will come out.

Huhu, don't make me make another account please!


EDDY DY said...

Aku x tahu pasal nih..yg aku kena lain plak..aku nak delete akaun yg satu tapi direject dgn alasan aku yg buat application tu..ada ker patut...

Ryan Valentine said...

fb ni dah tak profesional lagi dah..
tak best agy~

Anonymous said...

go to millatfacebook. :)

Ryan Valentine said...


Anonymous said...

jgn cepat gelabah...kalau nak close account fb memang dpt.....nothing is impossible.

Ryan Valentine said...

hurm.. camne..?
nak login pun tak dpt, nak close susah la