Sunday, June 13, 2010

The mantis

This insect is so cute but I did't dare to touch, because I'm afraid it will bite me. My brother said this thing is mantis, giant mantis but cute.

See, Is that cute?

This insect suddenly appear inside our house.

I have no idea about this mantis, I used to saw like this but small once. If I see clearly, its look so cute with both of its hand.

p/s This insect also have parasite inside their stomach. So be careful.


Fakhrur Razi said...

hak2 klo kne chop pun geli jer XD

Noor Hamizah Mustafa Kamal said...

kalau kartun agak comel le. tak geli ke?

Ryan Valentine said...

fakhrur: yup2.. mmg geli~ nak tgk pun dr jauh jek

Ryan Valentine said...

Hamizah: geli jugak tp tersa nak pegang

En iLham said...

memang comel gile
boleh buat pet tu

Ryan Valentine said...

nak jek.. ade owg jual ke??
leh pakai peluk time tdo >.<

naz said...

jari dia memang geli haha even tak lah garang pun

Ryan Valentine said...

boleh pegang ke??
huhu.. mmg geli..