Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cute blogger award


Today, I got an cute blogger award. Its been not time I didn't get an award. I've been so busy nowadays, can't even make my time for blogwalking with some friend bloggers but anyway thanks to anyone who willing to visit my blog.

Okay, let's answer th questions:

1. What is our blog's name and why?

Blog's name : I AM NOT COMPLETE
Means : I AM NOT COMPLETE (search using your dictionary)

2. Can you explain why & how you get the URL for your blog?

I don't know and I don't remember.

3. When you start blogging?

2009 or 2010 maybe.

4. Who your first follower?

Nurdalilah.. Thanks.

5. Any words for the award giver?

Kak Zey.. Thanks.

6. Tag 9 people that you think you should give the award

Anyone who want this award can take it anyway.



AmirFX said...

Fuhhh.. Nasib ktk sekda engkah nama sapa2... hehe... <<-- pemalas nak jawap tag.

Ryan Valentine said...

ya ku mok padah tadi bah.. haha

azzey said...

Ryan: still new in blogger's world tp dh rmi follower ek....cayalah!!!

Ryan Valentine said...

tapi tak sehebat blogger yang lain..
saya masih baru belajar =P

gadis comel said...

hari tu ada sorang blogger bagi gadis comel 1 award or tag (tak ingat), lepas tu gadis comel tak tau camne nak copy benda tu.


Ryan Valentine said...

gadis comel: disable rite click ek.. terpaksa salin kot.. atau ambik dari dari blogger yang tag blogger sebelum gadis comel.. klu nak copy dari cni pun boleh, nanti sy buangkan disable rite click kat cni=)