Saturday, July 10, 2010

Me, Kak Dida and Kak Amy

I never claim that I'm good person. In fact, I think that I'm snobbish, evil and like to complain other people especially people who hurt my feelings.

I remember about one story when I met my senior ex-bestfriend. She now work at H&L Supermarket as a cashier. I call her Kak Amy.

I'm not saying that she's this or that bad, I just wondering that I'm not understand her attitude toward me. Before she finish her study, she was my roommate and also my friend which we always been together like she never missed to invite me to overnight at her house at Batu 15 on the way to Serian. She's a happy go lucky person but sometimes her act just make me feel a bit hurt right into my heart. After she moved out from our rent house, she slowly become a person who don't recognize her own friend. She don't even talk to me even though I talk to her first. I know that she's the youngest in her siblings and she's been loved so much by her family.

The most funny thing is. she don't like if I have something new like hot stuff or you know. She even say something bad about me in front of her family and friends and I just act like nothing.

One day, I walked with Kak Dida to H&L Supermarket to buy something. Kak Dida and Kak Amy are bestfriend together until now (because they both my seniors) and she also used to treated Kak Dida like she did to me just not really-really bad. Kak Dida saw Kak Amy at the cashier counter and suddenly try to approach Kak Amy and they are talking together of course! Kak Amy asking about Kak Dida's job and she just said that she only work for temporary and same as Kak Amy. That time, I saw first time of Kak Dida's low profile acting.

After that, me and Kak Dida walked to go home. I ask her,

Me: Why Kak Dida didn't tell her about your job? Your job is better than her right?? She used to talked bad about you, you know that.

Kak Dida: I don't know. Let her be. Sometimes I feel so poor about her.. Moreover, she went her convocation late than me.

I suddenly become so quiet! I felt bad at the same time and realize that the way I think is really different that the way Kak Dida think. Kak Dida is a nice person, or maybe she never been treated like I used to be. Still at that time, Kak Amy just make me like an invisible while she's talking with Kak Dida. Yes, just call me a bad person. I treat someone bad because they do the bad things to me. I never blame myself for being that, every person have a different experiences.


gadis comel said...

sikap kita ni macam nak sama je,kalo je jmpa orang yang penah sakitkan hati aku, sure aku cuba nak sakitkan hati dia balik.

baru rasa puas hati. hmmm.. kena ubah sikap kan?

Ryan Valentine said...

kene la jugak.. tapi sometimes tak dapat kawal.. hehe.. buat jugak..