Sunday, July 4, 2010

I want to have my own life

Its been long time already I didn't update my blog. If I'm not mistaken, it is already 5 days since my last update. I've been busy lately to make the preparation to go to Kuching and see my Kak Mal which just done with her practical. I'm so tired sit at home at Mukah and be not so productive everyday.

I like to say that, I love Kuching so much! Kuching is just like my real hometown. Maybe because I can stay with girls. ALL GIRLS which all of them are my friends. How about my family? The only female in my family is my mom and me. I have 4 brothers and dad. Sometimes I feel bored being alone all the time because I'm only a girl. I just can't free to do anything that I like.

You know, I'm just not into men actually. I don't like being surrounded by boys or men. Maybe thats why I don't feel like I want to stay at my own home which is my family's home. To me, my real home is at Kuching. I also feel s comfortable study alone at my rent house.

Since I already finish my study, I thought that I want to get job, just ordinary job like sales assistant like that. You know, I also don't have guy best friends and I feel awkward when I talk to other guy.

My dad ever ask me to et a job in Mukah but I didn't reply him any because I don't want to. You guys must think that I'm weird and bad daughter because I didn't listen to waht my dad have said. Like I was said, I like being surrounded by my girl friends other than stay guy even though they all my family's members.

Whatever it takes, sorry dad cause I'm bad daughter. I just want something good and best for me. I want to have my own life, I don't want be controlled by family, I want to be independent. I promise I will take care of myself.


AmirFX said...

Becareful girl... Anything can happen... Be positive jak oooo... Kmk pun kadang2 rimas juak ngn lelaki tapi in certain way jak la... Ada lelaki yg suka gilak kakar hal ompuan 24 jam pun sik best juak... haha...

Ryan Valentine said...

benar koh.. kamek sik la prejudis gilak ngan laki tp ya la kmk tok maybe dah terbiasa bergaul ngan pompuan jak..

nadia yaacob said...

waaa...cmner bleh fobia ni? ade sejarah silam ke? :)

Ryan Valentine said...

cuma tak biasa je.. sebab dari kecik kawan ngan dak pompuan, kawan ngan laki rasa janggal sket..