Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips for people who always borrow our stuffs

Did you always let your friends, siblings or anyone to borrow your stuffs? How do you feel that time? Worry? Or just cool?

It is not about we try to be stingy, but did they ever try to give back the stuffs that they have borrowed from you? Or if they return it back, is that stuffs still in good condition or put at the right place?

Here some tips for you to prevent the dangerous people come, borrow and destroy your stuffs:

1. Try to be serious. If you really don't want that person come to you and borrow your stuffs especially without your permission, talk to them, make everything clear about you and them. If you being too soft heart, they will think that you just okay to be treated like that.

2. Don't show off. Everytime you got a brand new stuff, don't ever try to show it in front of that person. They will think that you're loaded with money and they can do anything with all your stuffs.

3. Try to give an excuses. Just say that you still want to use that thing or that thing is not yours, so you don't dare to let that person borrow just like that. Can't you imagine, you work so hard to get your own stuff and some of them just relax use it like nothing happen. They use it for FREE, you know. We are not a bad person, we don't want to be mean but we also don't want people take us for granted.

4. If you guys stay together in one place, don't ever try to mix your stuffs with their stuffs especially when involve foods. You know that we just can't "borrow" food from other people, you need to pay back to them but asking someone pay back is hard like hell. People sometimes don't use their common sense.

5. Try to sign your name or make notice if you don't want to talk face to face with them.

6. Don't ever lend your money to anyone! Because people easily forgot about this, unless you put your trust on them and believe that they will pay it back to you. If not, just don't kill yourself for this.

I share this not because I'm okay with stingy people. I just want us to learn that some people outside there be with us not because they wanted to, but they have something that they need from us. If you want to let people borrow your stuff, make sure you know that person is the right person or people who are really damn close to you.


-telordibasuh- said...

ahhh..lipas kene sakit cancer hehe

EDDY DY said...

Betul2....jangan kasi pinjam duit yg paling penting, kecuali org tu dah terdesak sangat la tapi nangga juak situasi...mun singgit duak x pa la tpi mun ribu2 mok pikir panjang juak...teringat buku The X-Files aku yg dipinjam kawan 14 tahun yg lepas..sampey kenek tok si da khabar berita.....

Ryan Valentine said...

-telurdibasuh-: kecian lipas.. kahkah

Ryan Valentine said...

eddy: yala.. mok tanga orang dolok mun mok bagi pinjam.. hampeh juak sampai 14 tahun kwn kitak pinjam sik pulang-pulang balit.. dah jadi harga warisan nya la ya

azzey said...

Ryan: pandai pinjam pandai le x?

Ryan Valentine said...

azzey: yup yup^^