Monday, August 9, 2010

Kuching KFC II

Lately, I've been craving for KFC food so badly. So, me and my Kak Mal went for this meal yesterday and the worse part about this is, I ordered dinner plate which is include 3 pieces of chicken parts.

I don't know I have become like this when I have my meal. I really like take it in large portion. Just like the picture below.

I'm so much in love with KFC, since I was a little kid. Even my tutor have said to us that KFC not an healthy food, full of fat, fried, oil, also high of cholesterol from fat adipose tissue under chicken skin but I just cannot resist that.

That's why I'm getting fat. All I care is yummy food only. Kak Mal always sound me not to order too much of KFC and this picture below will happen if I did,


 I need to take away this to my home at last.


sujairi said...

ayam kfc masa mula2 kolonel jual dulu yang sedap..hehe..betul2 original resepi

Mohd Fadil said...

wow kfc..esok nak g cari la kfc...lusa dah nak pose...

Ryan Valentine said...

Ye ke?? Saya ade pernah rasa ke tak ek??

Ryan Valentine said...

Mohd Fadil: ok ok.. gi cepat-cepat n makan puas-puas before puasa =)