Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SCR restaurant yummy foods

I normally don't really like to post anything about food in here. I'm type of easy to get hungry person, like I can eat food every two hours in large quantity. Oh my Fish, I hate myself for that!

That day, after I paid all my monthly bills, me and my Kak Mal have our lunch at SCR. I just love steam chicken rice so much. There's a new SCR restaurant at Satok and we just went here. For fuck sake, I feel so hungry after see all of these pictures even though I just have my meal this afternoon.

This is Kak mal's food

This is my extremely large quantity of food. I wonder if I have a boyfriend, what's his response when he see this.

This picture below is my second a bowl of rice, and my stomach is already full!

At last, I have to go take away all of this because couldn't afford to finish it. 

Moral of the story, don't take something that you know you cannot handle it. Greedy people won't go anywhere, plus.. I'm so fat.


alinac lover said...

mak aih! byk mkn ya~

azzey said...

Ryan: ha3....mula2 mcm lapar last2 ta abis pon...

Ryan Valentine said...

alinac: banyak makan la jugak terutama time lapar..

Ryan Valentine said...

azzey: yup.. saya memang macam tue