Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doubt with the wrong person

What if someone you really love doesn't want to put their trust on you? how do you feel when they did that to you? You know you never lie to them but their doubt killing your heart slowly.

I'm so sad. I put my trust on them but they won't do the same for me. I've been looking at myself at the mirror, wondering what I've done. But, I only tell the truth. I hate liar, I hate cheater and I know how it feels to be betrayed.


diana said...

biase la..kita pun tak semua orang kita percaya kan..
lumrah hidup..
redha saje la..

Ryan Valentine said...

diana: redha.. tapi sedih jugak bila kite caye kat dia, dia pulak tak caye kat kite

Anonymous said...

buat bodoh sudah. if the problem is not from you. that it is from them. teruskan mencari yang lain. don giv up. life is not easy.

Ryan Valentine said...

Azizie: thanks zizie, life must go on