Thursday, September 16, 2010

When strangers call and text you for no reason

Everyone of us must have this kind of experiences, right? So, how do you think? Did you answer their call or reply their text?

What do you think about yourself when people do that to you? I mean not just one or two person, but a lot. Do you think yourself as a hot person? Or do you think people just like to playing with you and make you feel so stupid?

Or, if your friends have this kind of situation, are they trying to complain that,

"Who's miscalling me??"

  "Got someone texted me asking for my name.." 

"Why people like calling me so much? I don't even know who they are?"

How do you feel?? Annoying isn't it? They like to make many miscalled just seeking for attention and there's nothing important about it. I just advice you guys ignore this kind of person. Don't answer the call and don't even reply the text. They will bored as soon as you don't give a damn about it.

Don't even think about to change your phone number. Its useless, trust me and don't make yourself and people around you get into trouble because you too much care about the stupid strangers who want to prank call you.

If the strangers threatened and give a black mail text to you, just ignore it. If you are afraid something might happen to you, just do the police report and don't do something stupid.

To the someone who like strangers call and text them because they think they are popular and pretty, just keep it for yourself. Don't even try to show off and talk like you are so fucking hot. Don't.


Liquid said...

betul2... wat tataw sudah... buang mase saje layan uhu

Ryan Valentine said...

Liquid: yup^^ tindakan bijak

complicated said...

dasyatt tuu ,siap ada yang bunuh diri eh sebab benda ni ,ahahahaaa :p

apa2 pun betul apa u cakap just ignore orang macam ni ,lagi melayan ,lagi sakan dia kacau kan kan

Ryan Valentine said...

complicated: saje nak tokok tambah.. wakakakakaka..

alinac lover said...

sje nk btau ramai peminat..tu kena keco2 sket..hehe

Ryan Valentine said...

alinac: wow.. hehe.. tu pun kalau peminat la, mane tau apek call salah orang ke? hehe

Amni said...

mena kata kitak.. annoying... dolok ex bf mek salu perasan sirik best! show la tek konon banyak peminat! tui! sik da lalu selera mok dengar.. erk? haha.. bolayan!

Ryan Valentine said...

Amni: Kmk pun da kwn kedak ya.. feel menyampah jak tapi tedah juak, baru mok ada peminat kali.. haha

green said...

betul. juz ignore

Ryan Valentine said...

green: ^^