Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do you really accept her/him as the way she/he is?

Do you actually accept your soulmate as who she/he is?

Did you ever complain anything about she/he? Or ask them to change it?

Actually we don't really mind of changes as long as the changes is about to transform to be a better, which can give a benefit to both of side. But the real answer is depend with situation. If bad habit, sure we work to change it to be something positive. The changes much better when involve from both side, not just the only one side.

Like ugly face and fat? Those something that we can considered it as sensitive issue if we as partner ask them to change, like asking someone to do something to make their skin fair and pretty. Fat is more acceptable but sometimes we need to understand them. What's the point if they willing to hurt themselves, hold their hunger, too much exercises and at last, they still look fat and suffered. While we didn't do nothing about it.

Loving someone because of  their physical is normal but not pure. Anything can happen to our physical body, and anytime they can leave us because they no longer see what they want to see on us.
I think those people should see themselves in mirror before they demand for their partner.

But, better we do the changes just for the sake of ourselves. Not for them, not for anyone. Loving ourselves more worth than be loved by someone just because we have what they want.


AmirFX said...

Yalah nektok kmk nak ngubah bilit kmk jadi kacak gik... Dah d telan jaman bilit kmk nektok... Mudahan kmk dpt ngubahnya kelak...

Ryan Valentine said...

AmirFX: haha.. ubah la.. kelak berkulat bilit ya

Liquid said...

tulah, kalo sikap kadang2 leh tegur2 lah an. tp kalo fizikal, xle tegur, bahaya hee.

Ryan Valentine said...

liquid: fizikal jangan la tegur, dia sendiri pun tak hendak jugak.. apapun, terima la seadanya