Saturday, November 6, 2010

I miss all of my friends

Since I stay at my parent's house, I've refresh so many times my old pictures especially when I was in college.

Even though I have to go through some tough times like my first semester and my second short semester where I need to join the religion class, kudos for me for finally completed my study.

I have known some people who I cannot be friend with due the certain reasons, I learned from my mistakes and stay alone until I find true friends when I moved to 791. That's my happy story began. You know how I miss Kuching so much!

All of my friends is nice people and happy-go-lucky type. The best part is when they accept me for who I am even though they have different races and beliefs especially my Chinese friends, which is always be there from my first semester until the end of our year in college.

But now, we are all have our own life. Some already have their own job, some further study at somewhere. By the way, I just want to say, I miss you girls. I miss you so much!


zacky ~786~ said...

miAo x2..

azzey said...

Ryan Valentine: bl dh bawa haluan masing2 tu yg rindu2an tu....:)

complicated said...

Zaman colege/u antara zaman yang paling happening kan? :D

Ryan Valentine said...

zacky: miao miao

Ryan Valentine said...

azzey: tul tu.. hehe

Ryan Valentine said...

complicated: yup yup