Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't say hate if you can't predict what will happen to you in your future.

We just can't run from "hatred" feeling. Anywhere we go, we will find people who story about their hate in something. I also one of them. I also have the hate feeling toward something. You know, sometimes we just can't get rid the anger and hate and we let those feeling grow inside our heart.

Some old people used to said that hate can turn to love, and I definitely agree with it! Just like Carlson's story. He used to hate Malay race and now he's falling in love with a Malay girl. Hilarious but truth.

People who put their hate too much on someone tend to hate everything about that people even though that thing is got nothing to do with them, like favorite food or color or dress or anything that people like. They just hate it because they can't help themselves to not remember the person that they really hate. They can't even see no more the goodness of that person and try to look for deeply on that person's mistakes.

Funniest thing about hatred is they all came from the people who believe in God.

Anyway, it's better put the hate feeling at the moderate level, or better think positive. There's no use if we suddenly fall in love with something we used to hate so damn much. We just fooling ourselves.


My Little Diary said...

bahaya2x ni.. jgn sesekali benci, nanti jdk hak milik kekal... huhuhh

Liana Ryan said...

My Little Diary: hehe.. tau tak pe

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Jangan suka benci2.. makanlah aiskrim cornetto untok menghilangkan kebencian hehehe... :P

AnisZahra said...

Betul betul. :D rasa nak like laju2 entry ni. HEHE

Liana Ryan said...

Faizal n fashitah: yummy, ice cream!!

Liana Ryan said...

AnisZahra: hehe.. thanks^^