Friday, November 5, 2010

Cat figure cup

That day, I went shopping with my family. We went to Sing Kwong supermarket Sibu. After that, I saw this thing. You know what the thing is??


Not the picture above. That's the cup with kitties inside.

Here, the picture below..

The cat figure cup with teddy bear as it veil.

Ouh, it is too cute you know! I took it and paid (actually, it was my dad's money).

It is not expensive so I don't think that it is such a waste to buy that. Those who also like kind of cute stuffs, you can go to Sing Kwong Supermarket Sibu here. The one of my dad's favorite supermarkets.


Amirrah Zawani said...

comelnya meow2 tu :)

complicated said...

comel aje kucen kt atas tuu,hee

Liquid said...

hee kalo ade cawan yg first tu incek liquid dh beli dh hee

Ryan Valentine said...

Amirrah: cute cute^^

Ryan Valentine said...

complicated: nak ke? nanti singgah beli la~~ comel gitu~

Ryan Valentine said...

liquid: haha, ye ke?? nak satu leh tak??