Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When someone snatching your bag situation

One day, you go outside for a walk. Suddenly someone run and try to approach you and snatch your lovely Prada bad with some hot expensive stuffs inside it. What will you do after that before you have to make a report at nearest Police station?

1. Cursing loudly.
Consequence: You are no different with those snatchers.

2. Cursing deeply inside your heart.
Consequence: Same like the number 1. You will get more stress, tension, and too much thinking after that.

3. Ran after them.
Consequence: Yeah, I quite not sure if you can unless if you are an athlete. Just kidding.

4. Cry, maybe.
Consequence: Well, at least it can make you feel calm and release your stress.

5. Asking the "gentlemen" for help. 
Consequence: Probably could work.

And so much more! By the way, just be careful where you are.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

hehehe yg last sekali tu besstt

nazirulhazwan~ said...

haha, nice la babe:P
den gelak senyum sorg2 bace menatang nih.hehe

MuJE said...

oh yeah! i vote untuk no 5! yela, takkan nak pegi balik kat pompuan tu cakap tak berjaya... jatuh ar saham...haha

BENA said...

mntak jauh la bende2 ragut meragut ni jadi kat bena ! heee =)

kalo minx tolong ngn abg2 hensem . pastu dieorang wat derk cam mane? HAHAHA =)

Liquid said...

betul2. bnde nak jadi an... nk wat cmne uhu

Liana Ryan said...

Anisa: haha..

Liana Ryan said...

nazirul: thanks dude.. tak tau bende ni lawak pula.. =D

Liana Ryan said...

MuJe: sama la.. dua2 hilang.. haha

Liana Ryan said...

bena: kecianla kite kalau macam tue.. huhu~~

Liana Ryan said...

Liquid: pasrah je la..

A.D.A.M. said...

hahaha. Lawak la. :)

Tapi peragut ni, patut rantai je tgn dia ni. xde la dok ragut2 dah. haiz. kesian la para peragut. free, free je kena sumpah seranah. hohoho

Liana Ryan said...

A.D.A.M : tak perlu kasihan.. peragut tu yang cari nahas sendiri