Monday, January 3, 2011

My new life at Malaysia Sarawak University (UNIMAS) campus

Hi guys. I think this is the longest record that I totally don't have much time to update my blog. It is not about I'm so lazy or whatever, it is just I'm so busy with my new life. For your information, I already stay at Kota Samarahan, 40 minutes away from Kuching.

You know, I really miss so much Kuching, my second hometown. Well, my life here right now a quite tough than before I was a diploma student.

Okay, my funny face. I know.

I'm right now is a Degree student in Faculty of Resource Science and Technology. Trust me, that not so easy to get in here. First time I registered in UNIMAS, I knew that I will be alone because all of my friends that same batch with me all take the different courses, the only best part about being here id during MAP (Student Welcome Week). I guess.

Our batch is so damn special because December intake 2010/2011 only happen one time in UNIMAS. There're just hundreds of us. Like my seniors said, We have to work more hard tha the other students from the other intake.

What I really hope right now is, I hope I can carry my course until I completed successfully and I wanted to be smart just like my L.O. seniors.

My first semester is the most of my torture semester. Anything is new for me, like I've been culture shocked in university life. When I was in my diploma, my subjects all was managed by our college management. Now, I have to manage it by myself. I need to be more independent.

Not included KK's activities, Senggang Activities and also College activities. There's so many of them that you need to get involve. My first week started not so well, I cried because I felt stress so much. I need more time to adjust myself here. You know, UNIMAS is a big area. Sometimes, you need to take a UNIMAS bus to get to the other places.

In UNIMAS, there's a lot of big same buildings with their own short forms which can make us get brain damage to remember all of it especially when we still a new student.

But, I also feel so glad because I have people around me, support me to work hard to achieve my dream here.

p/s : So moral of the story, just ask if you don't know about something even though you know the questions maybe look so stupid, worth to try, you know. Appreciate people around you and your family.


danieLchA2 said...

well..just do the best for your life k..i will pray for you..hihihi just study bek2 and always be happy... =)

AmirFX said...

Selamat belajar kembali! Wasehhh.. Temu ktk kawan kmk kelak si madey kelak...

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Selamat berjuang di Unimas XD

Anonymous said...

hey dear..adik i ada kt unimas tu jugak...sem 2 seni gunaan dan kreatif

JIJI YU said...

tengok muke ko pon da tau kehidupan ko lagi mncabar skng ni..tabahkan ati ek..ahaha

eyna_alfarisha said...

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