Monday, February 7, 2011

We can't just change our mentality

1. a) People who have an expensive car and big mansion - Wealthy people.
    b) People who don't have transport and simple house - Poor people.

2. a) People who fully dressed - Good polite people.
    b) People who sexy dressed - Slut.

3. a) Fat people - People who like to eat in large portion.
    b) Slim people - People who eat healthy and diet.

4. a) Happy people - Better life.
    b) Sad people - Alone, depressed.

5. a) Handsome and pretty people - Have a lot of fans and loved by family, friends and lover.
    b) Ugly people - Rubbish.

6. a) Excellent result in exam - Smart student, very hardworking.
    b) Poor result in exam - Lazy and stupid.

7. a) People who live in the city - Modern, up-to-date.
    b) People who live in the village or jungle - Lame, no internet.


chenta said...

setuju semuanya..nape ek org tak boleh fikir lebih terbuka?

Amanina said...

kampung pun line internet best wooo. hahaha

AmirFX said...

Ada tiga jak stetment kmk setuju.. Nak lain ya boleh pikir lagik lah.. haha...

nuyuin said...

hahahaha..betol gak uh./..