Thursday, February 10, 2011

Group work in University

Since I further my study at UNIMAS, I always glad that my life here okay even though I felt very hard sometimes. It is not even hard just like that in here, it is so damn hard like I can't explain to you how bad it is when you alone and lack of knowledge.

Well, stick to the point. As I usually have to learn all the chemistry books which the thick is more that 5cm and I swear I have try everything even willing to go to the other college just to find someone who can teach me what I don't understand, otherwise I might getting lost,

The worse part is when I have to do an assignment or lab report in group. That easy work can be difficult when you need to deal with fucktard (fuck+retard) people which goddamn hard for you to contact them. I admit that I did my job, I did all of them but can't even get their replies just to compile our work. I used to call them until my credit run out, so what do you think?

Okay, this is my mistake want to join the seniors rather than to join people who have same intake with me (different course). I think my diploma study is better because I can put my trust on my group members.

Can you imagine that, you did your part so hard, you've been try to contact them but they actually did finish their work and quietly submit it to our lecturer without inform to you first. So, what's the point of your part then??

I hate people who hard to straightforward telling me what the hell is going on. That's not even a group work. Ouh please. I think I more likely work individual than work in group like this. Sometimes, educated people think like an idiot. I wonder why.


AZANI said...

memang rambut sdama hitam tapi hati lain lain

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Rambut sama hitam, hati lain2.. Take care there k XD

Wan&Syazz said...

liana belajar kat mana?