Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being open minded person

Are you open minded person? How about your friends? Are they open minded too and they feel okay with it? When we talk about open minded things, so many people will give bad impression to us. Those kind of people we can consider it as a narrow minded people. There's a lot of open minded topics that we can discuss, and it is depend on us on how to differentiate the positive and negative sides and how we deal with certain knowledge without any prejudice.

Well, some people might hard to accept the things that they truly can't accept. This is because of their mindset and their ideas are opposite with certain people. Those open minded people also need to be careful when having a discussion with other people around them, at least appropriate.

Just try not to be so negative, don't close too tight your mind. In this world, there's a lot of the things that we have not yet explore and learn. Accept the fact and think positive.

I know some people who always think negative and being such a narrow minded, at the end, they're having a culture shock, the worse one maybe. They are good people but too bad, they're too late to differentiate the bad and the good things because they lack of experiences and stories.

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AmirFX said...

Olaterdah.. Kmk dah juak nemu org yang culture shock kedak ya... P what 2 do.. Sidak boleh polah choice kedirik juak sebenarnya...