Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Sakura college and pre-register

You know, sometimes I feel a bit confuse about my college system. Maybe this is my first time experiencing this kind of procedures. I like so much here at my Sakura college UNIMAS. I have a lot of friends here, we joined the activities and we have so much fun!

Mostly their bedroom are cold like 23 degree like that which we asian like it so much because we hate very hot weather. This place also got so many facilities like gym, small hall, shop, printing service and many more.

But last week, I feel so damnly shocked when I didn't see my name listed in those who chosen to stay at college for the next semester. This is all my fault because I didn't alert to make pre-register on time.

So, what should I do now is just do an appeal to our college Felo begging her to put me back in the next semester which 50% will fail and 50% will success. I guess I need to get ready to look for new house before I get into trouble later.

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