Sunday, May 15, 2011

Care and caring, love and loving

I always wondering, is there anyone outside there care about me? Nay, of course the answer is yes. My family, friends and Carlson. I never forget about them. I'm not a good daughter but I wanted to be the best for them.

You know, since I further my study here, I feel like I'm easy to cry. The most time, Carlson will be the victim which the only person who have to calm me down but sometimes I understand that he can't be with me all the time. Maybe I should stay alone sometimes.

I cry not because I wanted an attention. Maybe some people don't have any idea how I'm afraid being such a failure. I have a lot of commitment, my relationship, my study, my family. I must to achieve my goals or my life will become hopeless.

I miss the time I called my dad complained about my life here feel so hard. He is a cool person and his advices were so simple. I'm touched! I know I wasted his money so much until I stand here right now. "It's okay if one day you'll fail, you can try again" That's what he used to said to me.

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AmirFX said...

Be cool.. Concentrate ngn study ktk jak dolok... Sebab ilmu merik ktk bimbingan juak kelak..