Monday, May 16, 2011

Multireligious country I

Our country is another one of multiracial/multireligious country that having a quiet conflict between people who have different races and religions. A lot of people don't realize about it, but they actually exist and caused by politic it is just as an excuses for the oldest.

People who made religions just have one purpose on our life. They wanted to separate all of us. You know why, because when people were separated, they will be easy to be controlled. They're taught to be more patriotic, love more their own race and religion, hate other people races and other religions and being proud for no reason.

There's a lot of people who can be a good religious people, follow the words inside the their book, go pray 5 times a day or on every weekend, but fail to be truly human who suppose to love each other, helping each other, be tolerated, be matured, polite and kindness to other people.

Yes, religion also teach them to be kind with other people but since their religion community spirit stronger than the moral values, they forgot how to behave appropriately. You see, between these two. religion and kindness cannot be together and never. Religion is about God, and what you did is just for God and heaven. Kindness is naturally came from you, no one ask you to be kind, it is just you and you willing to do that without hoping for price. So if you be nice just wanted to go to heaven, you should check what the hell is wrong with your moral values.

Don't we love our friends so much even though they're different than us? How about family who disown their children for being different? Why we messed ourselves with something that totally doesn't make any sense? Why we hate each other even though we are not that kind of person?

It is not about how we respect other people beliefs, it is about how we love them without seeing differences between us and them. No need to "I respect you and you should respect me" or "your religion is yours, mine is mine". That's selfish attitude. It is just like you be friend with people who have different race and religion with you but you mock them behind their back because of their belief.


najihah sahami said...

hai ryan!!seriyes suka entry ryan la.hehe.setuju sangat ngan pendapat ryan. kalau semua orang sependapat macam ni kan bagus. mesti tempat kita ni aman. tak de gaduh2. pastu timbul isu fitnah apa semua. kadang2 nak bukak paper pun malas sebab dah tau. isu sama. bertopengkan politik yang hipokrit semata-mata. huhu

AmirFX said...

Benar padah ktk.. Sepatutnya sekda beza antara manusia lain dari segi warna kulit dan bangsa... Dari segi politik tok asanya sidak cuba nak carik reason untuk tumbangkan sesebuah parti.. Gila lah idea cemya.. Guna isu yang sik berkaitan...