Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanging out with my old friends

That day, I went out with my old friends, Nurmah and Kak Mal. I miss them so much!

Both of them already have their own life, one of them already got a permanent job as a teacher and the other one further her study like me here but different university. They look so happy and I envy their happiness.

We're together go for shopping, buy shirts, dresses and makeup, like someone who just got their cheque.

The picture above is when we get ready for 3D movie

I wish both of them have a good life and be happy always. I love them so much like I love myself too even though sometimes, I used to felt a bit frustrated long time ago but it's okay. They are my friend and I forgive them.


Munirah said...

jumpe kwn2 lama memang seronok :)

zacky ~786~ said...

waa.. best yerr

AmirFX said...

Kawan lamak nang mesti mok lamak mun jumpa... Nway, kiut juak ktk pakei spek ya...