Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's already 6 months staying at Kuching and I can't go home yet

My dad suddenly call me today asking me not to go back home at this time. He told me that they were moved from Mukah to Dalat because of my dad's work. I only have 5 days of holidays and by coincidence, my final result just came out today. I'm glad the result not so bad and still can survive.

It is not because I'm so lazy to study. I studied so hard but what can I do when they just gave me like that result. All I need to do is just try again on the next semester.

But, I also sad at the same time. The day after tomorrow is my Gawai day and I just can't go home to see my family. I miss being such a little baby in my own home with stupid crazy siblings. It is almost 6 months I didn't go home. Kuching to Dalat, 10 hours drive sure hard for me.

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wa khairul onggon said...

Hai Liana.. sik al buat masa tuk ktk kenak berkorban masa berjauhan dengan family.. Ktk study mena2 dan jgn hampakan harapan mak bapak ktk.. Lak ktk dah aben belajar dan dapt kerja, senanglah ktk ngabas mak bapak ktk.. Bersabar.. tauk kmk perasaan berjauhan ya.. Kmk KL family di Serian lagiklah asa nak terbang balit tiap2 minggu hehe.. :)