Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me and ladies things

When I was a teenager, I act like a boy. I don't even like wearing dress or skirt except when I think I MUST wear it like "baju kurung". That's because I don't feel confident with myself. I always feel like I'm not looking good in ladies clothes. Maybe some people think that I said something like that because I want some attention, but if you see the real me or if you walk in my shoes, you will know how bad people treat you because you an ugly girl, sometimes they don't realize you stand there with them.

I know I am a girl who have girl's intuition. I actually love dress so much, I feel jealous everytime I see other girl look so damn pretty with their random clothes especially dress or even they wear short and shirt still look so good. That's what make me so down because I can't be what I want.

This picture from Mr Google

Right now, I learn how to wear ladies things here. Sometimes look so funny, mismatch, and humiliated by myself. Well, this is life.


✿ CikCimi said...

dress itu comel.

alinac lover said...

teringin juga

Dreamer said...

U comel.. Kalau pakai dress, mesti lagi comel.. Betul, tak tipu. (^^,)