Saturday, June 25, 2011

Language and oral test

Next week will be my oral test week, I got 2 oral tests need to practice before the judgement day arrive. What make me feel so "butterfly in my stomach" is I have an extremely very weak in communication and pronunciation no matter what kind of languages that I need to speak. I'm so weak in LANGUAGES and I don't know why.

Everytime I start to speak especially with someone that I'm not really close, I will get nervous. If I speak too much in short tempo, the word's pronunciation will messed up like when a little baby talking in language that we don't even understand.

I remember when I was in middle school (form 4) very clearly. People laugh at me so badly because my body and hand shivered during my presentation. I felt so humiliated treated by them and yes, this is make me so damn sad and one of my group members was cried at that time. I really wish one day, those people will pay this to us. Sorry for the grudge but what we give, we'll get back.

Right now, I have a bit confident about myself. Since I've joined the PLKN until I was in my diploma, I've been involved so many speech activities. I learned from my mistakes and I learned how to not be stupid in front of judgmental people.

Tips from me is do more practices before presentation, practice with friends is better. Okay, good luck to me for my oral test next week, practice make perfect!


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Ya betol. jgn online jer...hahaha!

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saya percaya Liana boleh punya~~~