Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weird cat's behavior from my experiences

Since my family don't want to pet cats or any other cute animals, I feel weird when I look at the cats and what their doing like extraordinary things to me. I don't know if that their behavior is normal or not but sometimes, they make me feel so cute resentful!

You know, I used to put an hair clip at Carlson's cat's tail and he suddenly became crazy and yelled all over the house in the midnight. How could me but it is just so fantastic! Did that to the cat huh?

Second time when I feel bored, I can be a bit naughty. I used to put the cat (not the same cat) inside the big rubbish bin and cover it with veil because that cat always come to our hostel and messed up all the rubbish in our corridor. The cat yelled so loud and I feel so satisfy, I don't know why. But I didn't hurt that cat, I just want to punished him.

The picture above is about Carlson's cat want to escape from the house and I won't let him to go outside. We did that because of his safety, who says we don't love animals? We do.

This picture is when I was in my diploma at my rent house. I remember when I open my bedroom door and saw that cat did something like that. That cat is not our cat actually. He jumped into our house and then he don't have any idea how to get out. Seriously cat??

The latest one about weird cat's behavior is when I used to saw they did the "mating" thing. The worse part is both cats are male. Euw, gay cats!


AmirFX said...

Tedah ktk ada nemu pusak Gay inda... haha.. Sunat kan duak2 ya.. Siknya gay lagik.. hahaa..

Aida Azryn said...

mak aih kucing tu.. haha..XD