Tuesday, June 28, 2011

People who like to gossip

Gossiping can be synonym to all people, not just women. Sometimes men can gossip and even worse too than women. So, what do you think when you sitting next to the people who always bring you to gossiping with them? Do you enjoy when you talk behind someone back? I bet hell yeah right? But how do you feel when you know people gossiping about you? Are you mad? Sad?

Okay, I think this is funny. Why people can gossiping about other people but other people cannot gossiping about them. I talk bad about you, and you talk bad about me. It's fair and square right? This is us, as human. We like to see people falling down. Mostly they are actually good and nice people, just too bad having a mouth which smell like a shit. Why they feel so hard to come clean with someone instead of trying to influence other people with their hatred?

I have been treated bad by a group of people and I have no idea why they did that. If I did mistake, why don't just tell me about it? You see, this kind of people really enjoy to hurt other people's feeling. That's why I prefer being alone and have less friends rather than being stabbed by so "innocent people".

I admit sometimes I did talk about behind someone's back, I never talk by using curse words or what so ever judgmental words. But, I did regret about it. I'll do my best to avoid something like that because I understand what been like being hurt by some people and I never talk bad about people who being to me especially my family and friends. NEVER.


Fariza said...

kat mana2 mulut x boleh belah.
sabar je.
kat tpt keje ni, sblh sy mulut x boleh tahan.
bila dia start, sy pasang lagu, seboleh2 xmau dgr.
ada je salah kita, dan dia je betul w/pun salah.
sedih tau T_T
berkorban jiwa dan raga kat sini.
kerana mulut !!!!

Izzul Amir said...

setuju !
busuk hati !
ngeri tgk gmbr tu :P