Friday, June 10, 2011

Peach Garden Song road at Kuching

That day, Ding Jin used to promise us to sponsor our dinner at somewhere outside UNIMAS. But just Gloria, Cascy and me who really available that night while the others still busy with their assignments since there's a couple weeks before final exam.

4 of us just having a simple dinner at Peach Garden at Kuching Song Road. The price here is quite cheap and affordable and we're happy eating together that night. Thanks to Ding Jin because willing to sponsor us especially "Sambal Stingray" so good and delicious.

Maybe one day if I have extra money, I will buy Ding Jin a good dinner. For those who seek for good food in Kuching, you can come here and try. I suggest only to non-Muslim since you know. LOL. I can't believe now Song Road got many people especially Kuching PTPL students who always come and visit here and there's a new One Jaya shopping mall will soon do the opening. Moreover, this place also near at Taman Sahabat (Friendship Park) and also H&L and Everrise shopping mall.

So, this is BDC, my favorite place long time ago during my diploma. Such a very good and sweet memories for me and my friends.

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